Supporting the Art of Storytelling

Denise McCormack





 Denise McCormack is a consummate professional and offers well-honed programs that resonate with listeners. 

Offering programs for children through adults, the stories range from folklore and song through literary and personal to  capture the essence of our experiences, our values and cultures.

McCormack's performances have earned high praise throughout the region.


Workshops & Coaching

McCormack also serves the needs of those seeking workshops  and coaching for specific purposes and is passionate about the role of story in examining issues related to education, social justice, and business, as well as the neurological and physical impulses that connect us. 

Sometimes, that means creating safe spaces to share stories, to breathe, to have fun.


Taking Action

Among her roles and affiliations, to promote the art and benefits of storytelling, McCormack is 

  • President of the Patchwork Storytelling Guild
  • NJ state liaison for the National Storytelling Network
  • Co-chair of the NJ Jersey Storytelling Festival
  • Board member of the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild.

McCormack’s mantra: There is a story for every time and purpose under heaven.

Her passion is further invested bridging language  gaps.  For more information, go to:

Visit Denise at  for more information.